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Dr. Loddengaard

James Loddengaard MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon located in Torrance, CA


James M. Loddengaard, MD, is an accomplished spine surgeon. He diagnoses and treats patients at Coastal Ortho at the Torrance, California office.

Dr.  Loddengaard's fascination with orthopedic medicine came from several influences. He has been captivated by science and technology since childhood. His drive to solve three-dimensional challenges and work with his hands and tools was only the beginning of his journey. As his career took shape, he discovered how extremely gratifying it was to improve people's lives through surgery.

Dr. Loddengaard moved from New York to California in 1970 to study at the California Institute of Technology. He then completed medical school at the University of California, Los Angeles, and residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He studied and has practiced in California ever since, settling in the South Bay in 1990. 

He is married with three adult children and continues to enjoy his favorite outdoor sports, skiing, cycling, snowmobiling, and hiking.