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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy treats various conditions and complications. At Coastal Ortho, the team specializes in providing physical therapy and improving issues affecting your neck, back, knees, hands, and more. To speak with a team member about receiving physical therapy, call Coastal Ortho or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment in the El Segundo or Torrance, California, location. 


What is physical therapy?

If you have an injury, disability, or health condition that affects your body's physical function, physical therapy can help. At Coastal Ortho, the team diagnoses and treats such issues, helping you improve your range of movement and return to your daily activities.  

You can use physical therapy in addition to other treatments or use it on its own. Physical therapy can help prevent further damage and injury, as well, with recommendations for exercises that strengthen your bones and muscles. 

What are the benefits of physical therapy?

Physical therapy can help people of all ages with a wide range of issues affecting their bones, joints, and muscles. With a customized physical therapy plan to fit your needs, you can return to full functioning and create lifestyle changes that’ll help maintain your progress and prevent further injury. 

Benefits of physical therapy include:

Reduces pain

Physical therapists use therapeutic exercises and techniques to address where you identify the pain and the areas around it that may be contributing or causing the feeling. By reducing strain and restoring fluid movement, physical therapy can help alleviate your pain.  

Helps avoid surgery

When it comes to joint issues caused by arthritis or injury, physical therapy can have a significant impact in helping build your muscles to support damaged or decaying cartilage; therefore, preventing or avoiding surgery altogether. 

Improves balance

If you’re at high risk for falls, physical therapists can create a custom care plan for you to challenge your balance and improve your coordination safely. Physical therapists can teach you techniques to restore proper vestibular functioning when you have issues with your vestibular system that cause balancing issues.

Improves mobility

With stretching and strengthening exercises, physical therapy can help improve your ability to walk or move around. If necessary, physical therapists can also fit you for assistive devices, like a cane or crutches. 

Manages age-related issues

It’s common to develop arthritis as you age, but physical therapy can help you cope with the effects of this or help you restore motion after a joint replacement by giving you exercises to increase your strength and range of motion.

What does physical therapy treat?

At Coastal Ortho, the team focuses on orthopedic complications affecting your neck, back, spine, hip and pelvis, knees, foot, and ankle, as well as hands and wrists. Many of these complications can be due to muscle and nerve dysfunction or arthritis. You may have also experienced an injury that causes chronic pain and complications. 

Call Coastal Ortho to learn more about their physical therapy services or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.

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