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In-Depth Interviews

Take a closer look at the journeys some of our patients took to get back to health.
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Double hip repair & reconstruction

Coastal Ortho

“Compassionate care in a professional setting is how I could describe this office... Having physical therapy and an Open MRI in the same location makes for a lot less running around. Dr. Glenn Huber was fantastic to talk with and quite understanding of pain and discomfort. He respected my wishes to deal with my choices and he gave me a lot to choose from. The MRI was fabulous. After having been...”

Physical Therapy

“The Physical Therapy department for this group is fantastic! I have been to other PT offices and never had the results and watchful care that I received here. I totally trust the work done here and recommend the PT to anyone...”

Nicholas M Halikis, MD

“Dr. Halikis and his staff know their stuff. I received excellent care throughout my healing process. Once Dr. Halikis worked his surgical skill magic on me, my therapist worked hard to bring my hand back to normal. Cool equipment and exercises gave me a good workout; I always left feeling great! I have absolutely no doubt that...”


“Dr. Huber always presents you with all your options and explains everything completely. He never pressures you and for a surgeon tries to avoid surgery whenever possible which is refreshing. He is up to date on all the latest and greatest and is very personable and compassionate...”

James M Loddengaard, MD

“After suffering from lower back pain for many years and seeing chiropractors, still no relief finally made an appt., decided to do my disc surgery the best decision ever...no pain since then. I highly recommend Dr. Loddengard...”

Brian Magovern, MD

“I’ve been suffering from a shoulder injury for about a year now and neglected getting it checked out. Dr. Brian Magovern was straight to the point and exuded confidence in a way that really reassured me. I usually don’t trust many people with my health but the doc was honest, sincere and took the time...”

Kenneth K Park, MD

“I had a foot/ankle issue that came out of nowhere and was lasting far too long. Immediately upon meeting Dr. Park I could tell I was much better off than with my first doctor. My favorite part is that he actually listens, but beyond that is he very invested in helping you get better, even if the answer to the problem is not immediately obvious...”


“I had a total knee replacement and 6 months later a total hip replacement surgery done by Dr. Todd Shrader. I could not be happier and more satisfied with the treatment and the result and highly recommend this office...”

Daniel R Stephenson, MD

“I have seen Dr. Stephenson a couple times this year (injury prone) and he has made each visit very calming and reassuring. You will feel like he cares about you the whole way through. I had an elbow injury, tennis elbow on the other side, and a rotator cuff tear. I really like how he does not suggest surgery right away and seems to want to see if the body can heal itself through his suggestions. I am extremely happy and will tell you that he is one of the best in the South Bay....”

John F Fleming, MD

“ I met with Dr. Fleming with my MRI and he determined surgery was the best course of action to relieve the pain and numbness I was experiencing in my back and legs. Dr. Fleming explained the whole procedure and made sure I completely understood everything including the risks involved. Although I only had 2 therapy sessions, my range of motion and ability to walk has greatly increased...”

Toni E.

"From the lovely ladies at the front desk to Dr. Brian Mayeda, this place is the best! Dr. Mayeda really knows everything about the knees, and has a nice bedside manner. the office is clean and easy..."


“ I came to see dr. park, first for a fractured left big toe and then for a fractured 5th metatarsal...one was not healed before the next fracture occurred on the same foot. as an active person, this was quite difficult for me. Dr. Park had an excellent bedside manner, did not rush..”
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Highly recommend Dr. John Fleming, he performed a microdiscectomy on me 2 weeks ago. After the procedure, I am now a zero on the pain scale. Dr. Felming did an amazing job! Minimally invasive procedure with great results. I highly recommended Dr. Fleming as my 5-star primary care doctor referred me to Dr. Fleming. Dr. Fleming thank you for giving me back my active life. I can now play with my kids and do what I need to do pain-free. You are doing God's work. Great bedside manner as well. I'm glad I had my procedure done and my only regret is not doing it sooner. 

Jarrett T.
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Highly recommend Doctor St. Louis! I had to go through a knee replacement surgery, and he was such a professional, caring doctor. My surgery went smoothly, and the recovery process as well. I have so much gratitude for Doctor St. Louis and appreciate everything he does for his patients. Thank you!!

Brenda L.
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Great orthopedist. I have suffered from knee pain for years, but didn't want to have surgery. Dr. Huber suggested injections that relieved the pain. I am impressed with the whole office. Very professional and caring. There are several orthopedic surgeons there so the waiting room looked like I would be there forever, but was pleasantly surprised by how much time the doctor & staff spent helping me understand my options.

BrendHa W.